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We work in the following cities:
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Málaga, Murcia, Valencia, Sevilla, Barcelona, Madrid, Valladolid And many more soons.
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What do you need?

Vehicle and tools

It can be a van, a car or a motorcycle with a box. And tools if you assemble furniture.

A mobile phone

An Android Smartphone or an Iphone with internet connection.

Be self-employed

You must be registered as a self-employed professional.

How does it work?
Register on our website
Select the city where you’d like to work and tell us what vehicle you have: a van, a car or a motorcycle with a box.
Confirmation of your registration

Once you fill the form, you’ll get an email with all the documents you need to send to validate your application as a transport professional.


You’re all set!

We will get in touch to give you access to our app so you can start working with orders suited to the size of your vehicle.
Work when you like:
get only the orders
that suit you.
Increase your income
Your income will depend on the number of orders you manage, kilometers covered, furniture assembled and client reviews.
Make the most of your vehicle
If you either are an independent transport professional or have a whole fleet you can register and make the most of your vehicle/s.
Support and billing

We take care of the whole customer service, payments and billing so you don’t have to worry.

Frequently asked questions
What you’ll make per order will depend on the following factors: Base rate: depending on the type of vehicle, there will always be a retainer per order. Km and time: the more kilometers you cover, the more money you’ll make. Bonus: you will have different bonuses if the client requests something extra.
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Customer service hours: from Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.

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